The Guiding Principles have been selected by the Advisory Group to communicate a shared set of values and goals as the planning process begins. Guiding principles are helpful in evaluating the development scenario alternatives, creating policy and strategies, and aligning implementation actions with stakeholder and community goals. 


Provide a mix of housing and jobs to support complete communities.

Prioritize the creation of neighborhood trails and clear connections to neighborhood and regional parks.

Improve access to quality housing, jobs and educational opportunities.


Protect clean air, clean water, and clean soil.

Encourage new development that integrates new parks and trail connections.

Create walkable neighborhoods and well-connected mixed-use centers.


Preserve and protect agricultural lands and rural lifestyle.

Foster and grow the local business community, including farms, markets, workshops, studios, galleries, restaurants, and daily needs and services.

Incorporate design that reinforces the character of the community.

Preserve and enhance the tree canopy.

Limit development in environmentally sensitive locations.

Encourage sustainable best practices for new development.

Maintain and improve the water quality of Floyds Fork and waterways.


Expand mixed-use and mixed-income neighborhoods, especially near parks and natural amenities.

Establish planning and zoning that supports a range of housing types and densities in appropriate areas.

Support new economic opportunities for agricultural and recreational businesses.